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You Think You're Pregnant, Now What?

Updated: Jun 19

Maybe you have missed your period or you are experiencing some other early symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, tender breasts, fatigue, or increased urination. Pregnancy was not in your plans, now what?

  • The first step is accepting you might be pregnant. This can’t be ignored. You are likely feeling overwhelmed and scared and perhaps it seems easier to ignore the symptoms and possibility of pregnancy than to figure out the next steps. This is understandable however, inaction is not a solution.

  • Verify if you are pregnant.  A urine pregnancy test can be taken at home or provided by a pregnancy support center. Many support centers, such as Birthright, offer medical-grade pregnancy tests for free and confidentially. Blood tests to verify pregnancy are also available at a doctor’s office.

  • Seek support - Hopefully this support can come from a trusted person in your life. Unfortunately, life is not always this simple but know that no matter or situation, you are not alone. If you are not ready to tell others or you are feeling pressured to make a decision in which you don’t understand or agree with, visiting a crisis pregnancy support center can help. Birthright is confidential, free, and provides compassionate support and help. At Birthright there is never judgment, proselytizing, or coercion.

  • Understand all your options - Your situation is unique, so it is important for you to understand all your options in order to make well-informed decisions. Your life, your plan. Talking through things can help provide clarity in an unexpected situation. Birthright provides a safe place to ask questions and get information without judgment or pressure.

  • Know you are not alone - Finally, if this is an unplanned pregnancy, and you are feeling overwhelmed, just remember to take a deep breath and realize that there is hope and support available at your local pregnancy resource center. Birthright is always free, confidential, non-judgmental and never any pressure. We are there for you as long as you need us.


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