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Pregnancy Options

A pregnancy wasn’t in your plans, now what? An unexpected pregnancy can bring with it a lot of emotions.  You may feel very overwhelmed and you likely have a lot of questions.

  • Maybe you are afraid to tell anyone you are pregnant.

  • Maybe you aren’t sure how you can continue your education while pregnant or parenting.

  • Are you worried about your current situation and aren’t sure how you can also support you and your child?

  • Maybe you have shared that you are pregnant, and you are hearing many opinions on what you should do.

Birthright is a safe and confidential place to talk with someone regarding your unique situation. We are here to listen, as well as provide information for resources and additional support.  Before making decisions, it is important to understand all your options.

No matter what path you choose, Birthright provides a safe place for you to get information and the compassionate support you need to help you make a plan right for you and your baby.


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