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What Is A Pregnancy Resource Center?

Updated: Apr 28

Despite what you may have heard, Pregnancy Resource Centers don’t try to trick or coerce a woman into having a baby. A pregnancy resource center (PRC) is a place where women who have financial constraints, or other types of maternity needs can go to help them make it through a pregnancy. Some offer limited medical services; others offer only material aid and support services. It varies.

Another common misconception today is that being pregnant is a catastrophe or an emergency. PRC’s exist to support woman with a variety of services that can make having a child less overwhelming. These centers are usually, non-profit, donor supported and staffed by volunteers, there is no governmental support. And because they do not offer medical services, there is no financial compensation from insurance companies or other private sources. In most cases there is no religious affiliation or political agenda, for example like Birthright, the only purpose is supporting the mother and child during the pregnancy and after the birth of the baby as well.

The current cultural viewpoint is that an unplanned pregnancy is a catastrophe. It really isn’t. Yes, it can be challenging, but every living thing gives birth, it’s a part of life. Birthright is a PRC that offers support and encouragement to woman, to help them have their baby. All our services are confidential and are non-judgmental. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, we are only here to support mothers and their children. We help to empower a woman to have her child and be able to provide for the child during what can be a financially draining time. Diapers, baby clothes and other supplies add up, and a Mom needs to focus on her pregnancy and her child. The resources and aid we offer help to make things a little better.

Birthright is NOT a medical clinic. We do offer free, physician-grade pregnancy tests, but we are not medically trained and will advise a woman to seek professional medical attention for her pregnancy care. What we do provide is support services, such as maternity clothes, diapers, wipes, baby clothes and blankets. And we have access to an extensive list of other community resources. But most importantly we offer compassion and support to Mom’s.

Our clients come from a variety of circumstances. Some are single mom’s, some are young, some have had a few children, all of them need assistance in some way. Birthright is here to answer that need.


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