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Goalsetting Tips for the New Year

Updated: Apr 28

It is day two of 2024, and according to Forbes study, more than one-third of American’s make a New Year’s resolution.  Reflecting on the previous year and making plans to help you have a successful new year is always a great way to continue to grow and learn.  Whether you made a New Year’s resolution, or you prefer to just set some goals for yourself throughout the year, the key is to turn those ideas and aspirations into concrete plans so you can be more successful at achieving them.  Below are a few tips using the SMART Goals strategy to help you in 2024.


SMART Goals is a strategy for goal setting that helps you break down your goals into a workable plan to stay organized, be realistic and enables you to celebrate victories along your journey.  SMART is an acronym for setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals. 


SMART Goals can be used for any type of goal.  Perhaps your goals are career or academic focused, or maybe more financial or health focused.  The process would be the same for any type of goal and can be even used for very long-term aspirations.  For example, instead setting a vague goal “to save more money in 2024”, a SMART goal for finances would look more like the following:


S = Specific. What are you saving for?  

M = Measurable. How much do you want to save?

A = Attainable. Is this realistic? Is it doable?

R = Relevant. Is this worth saving for?

T = Timebound. When will you meet the goal?


Getting more specific and breaking down your goal will help know where to start, measure your progress and make adjustments as needed, and celebrate your progress.  


Setting goals, whether personal or professionally, is a good way to focus attention on the things that are important to you.  When we set goals, we generally tend to focus more attention and be more deliberate in trying to achieve it.  Whatever your goals may be in 2024, we wish you success and hope you found these tips helpful. 


If you are an expectant mom or have given birth and are looking for resources, support and information, Birthright is here for you.  You are not alone and we are here to help you reach your goals.


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